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Diamond Push-Ups: All You Need To Know

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

A woman learning how to do a diamond push-up

Having a massive upper body is a dream-come-true for many people. But as usual, it takes the right amounts of physical exercise to build a desirable body shape. If you have been yearning to bulk up, tone your abs, and get a ripped core, diamond push-ups can help you achieve that.

Traditionally, a push-up is an exercise that aims at improving your upper body strength. The technique involves resting on one's toes and hands and pushing their weight off the floor. Your exercise routines, and the effectiveness of your reps and sets, will ultimately determine the results you get. Here is all that you need to know about diamond push-ups.

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What Exactly Are Diamond Push-Ups?

Diamond push-ups work out your chest region, shoulders, triceps muscles, and other areas of your body. To do this exercise, place your hands and feet on the ground, straighten out your back, and use the power of your chest and arm muscles to move your body back and forth against gravity.

During each rep, your chest nears contact with the ground, but it should not touch the floor completely. Diamond push-ups are also known as triangle push-ups or diamond kiss push-ups.

How To Do A Diamond Push-Up

If you're a beginner who is determined to do diamond push-ups, here's your best informative guide.

  • Go down in a plank position. Your hands should touch your pectoral muscles.

  • Let your thumb and index fingers close up together to form a diamond shape or that of a triangle.

  • At this point, you have to unbend your elbow joints and lockout your triceps muscles. The diagonal line stretching from your foot to your head should be straight.

  • While your elbow joints remain tightened up to your ribs and upper oblique muscles, let your upper body descend to the floor. You can use your abs to maintain stability during this movement.

  • When pectorals near contact with the floor, lift your body back to its original position.

If you are having a hard time doing diamond push-ups, use your regular push-up skills to help you transition to the diamond variation. You can achieve this twist by slowly bringing your hands as close together as possible during your regular push-up.

Do this until you have mastered the tricks of diamond push-ups. Alternatively, if that is still too hard for you, you can change your angle of incline, and place your hands on a bench, with your feet on the ground. That will reduce the weight and intensity of the workout.

Different types of push-ups

How Do Diamond Push-Ups Differ from Regular Push-Ups?

The main difference between a diamond push-up and a regular push-up is pretty easy to pinpoint. It all boils down to how you position your hands on the floor. In doing a standard push-up, you have to widen your hands apart from each other (about shoulder-width). This separation distance makes it easier for you to build your chest mass.

But with diamond push-ups, your thumbs and index fingers are made to touch each other and mimic a diamond shape or triangle. This variation shifts the focus away from your chest region to your triceps muscles.

However, there are also similarities between these two push-ups, as seen in the following points. The forms below stay the same in both cases.

  • Your legs extend behind you.

  • Your palms are flat on the floor

  • A straight line runs from your shoulders to your ankles

Benefits of Diamond Push-Ups

The big question is — are diamond push-ups worth the effort? Well, the answer is yes. There are a lot of benefits linked to diamond push-ups. Here are four advantages of diamond push-ups.

  • Effective Exercise for the Triceps Muscles

In a study conducted by the American Exercise Council, diamond push-ups were more effective exercises than triceps kickbacks, reportedly. Diamond push-ups activate your triceps, and they add a lot of energy to your arms.

  • Enhance Chest Development

Far from popular beliefs, researchers have noted that diamond push-ups also exercise the chest and improve its development. The explanation goes that as you narrow your hands, it stresses both your minor and major pectoral muscles.

  • Work Out Your Shoulders

Shoulder strength contributes to the overall power of your arms. If you want to enhance your arm strength, pack on mass to your shoulders. Thankfully, because diamond push-ups exert more pressure on your shoulders than regular push-ups, your anterior deltoid muscles are challenged to adapt to other push-up variations.

  • Facilitate Quick Progression to Advanced Exercises

For those who want to take their exercise routines to the next levels, diamond push-ups can be of great help. After accomplishing their regular push-up goals, some people progress to one-arm push-ups. When you don't learn how to do diamond push-ups, your quest to proceed to more advanced push-ups may stall.

Start with about 20 reps of regular push-ups, and climb your way up the ladder to diamond push-ups. From there, your triceps will accumulate more mass to support your journey to one-arm push-ups.

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Other Variations of Push-Ups

Variations of push-ups

Conventional and diamond push-ups are functional exercises for building a large upper body. However, they are not the only push-up variations. Here are more push-up types that you may want to try.

  • Wall push-up (good for starters)

  • Countertop push-up (adds more resistance to the exercise)

  • Incline chair push-up (makes use of shallow angles to increase the intensity of exercise)

  • Straight arm push-up. (does away with chest and arm exercise)

  • Negative push-up (they work out virtually the same muscle group)

  • Biceps push-up (a great inner arm push-up type)

  • Medicine ball push-up (involves mainly your stabilizer muscles)

  • V push-up (primarily targets your chest and shoulders)

The bottom line is that diamond push-ups allow trainers to build up size and strength in triceps muscles. They also play significant roles in the complete physical development of the thoracic region and shoulders. When you incorporate these diamond push-up variations to your bodybuilding routines, you are on your way to reaching your fitness goals.

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