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Micro Workouts, Macro Benefits for Muscle Building and Stamina

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

We’ve made a habit of working smarter over harder which, especially these days, is the quintessence of efficiency. Knowing how and when to delegate time and energy is also part of the process.

In this spirit of efficiency, we’ve launched PushApp: an app to help you reap the research-backed wellness benefits of just 10 minutes a day of exercise, spread over your day-to-day work-from-home experience.

Why Pushups?

A great variety of workouts and fitness regimes have a focus on push-ups.

Let’s take a look at what push-ups can do for your body and mind:

  • they activate muscles in the arms, chest, shoulders, abdomen, and lower back;

  • they effectively torch more calories than a typical isolated exercise would;

  • your mind needs to unplug from the daily tasks every now and then, and push-ups are a great occasion to disconnect you from your tasks;

  • they require minimal space and zero equipment.

Are they difficult to execute? Well, push-ups can seem hard...if you’re trying to do 50 at a time. The secret is to start slow, say two controlled reps per set each hour. You’ll find they’re doable and you might even enjoy them. Consistency is key, all you have to do is focus on form and stability while building steady strength over time.

Pushups are a great way to adopt transformative habits

During the past few months, we were all restructuring our days and acclimating to a new normal, which means we’ve got to be inventive in our approach to productive, fulfilling days spent mostly indoors. Creating new habits is part of our adaptability, as human beings, always on the move.

Pushups are such a transformative habit, one that will likely help you build up muscle memory and naturally rewire your resistance to the action. Get it done!


The app breaks down your fitness routine into micro workouts, which consist of 2 pushups every hour, and each set offers a new opportunity to practice perfect form. The result? You can actually feel yourself getting stronger, hour by hour.

The PushApp notifies you each hour, slow-counts your reps, and logs all of your pushups in a simple, accessible interface. And, unlike your local subscription-peddling gym, it’s totally free.

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