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What are Resistance Band Push-Ups?

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

What are Resistance Band Push-Ups?

Are you wanting more strength-training, but can’t always make it to the gym? Do you have resistance bands and want to elevate your workout? Then you’ll want to add resistance band push-ups to your strength-training workout.

Resistance band push-ups are excellent exercises for building and strengthening your chest, back, arms, and core muscles. You can perform resistance band push-ups by placing the resistance band across your back and securing it under each of your hands before doing a push-up.

When correctly performed, resistance band push-ups can build chest muscles equal to bench press exercises. If you want to maximize your fitness routine, doing resistance band push-ups is an excellent alternative to cumbersome bench press equipment.

Weights and resistance bands are great for elevating your workout intensity

Resistance Band Push-Ups vs. Bench Press

Push-ups and bench press workouts are classic strengthening exercises. Traditionally, bench press workouts are more intense than regular push-ups because you can add weights to increase intensity. 

Push-ups rely on a person’s body weight for intensity. But by adding a resistance band to your push-up workout, you can increase the intensity. But are these push-ups as good as bench press exercises?

The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research conducted a study comparing bench press reps with resistance band push-ups. Over five weeks, they studied university students with advanced resistance training. 

They split the group of students into three: a control group, a resistance band push-up group, and a bench press group. Push-up and bench press groups did the same amount of reps over the five weeks.

The study found no significant difference between bench press exercises and resistance band push-ups for building the chest, back, arms, and core, primarily because the resistance band creates the same tension against chest muscles as lifting a bar off the chest.

Advantages of Resistance Band Push-Ups

Resistance band push-ups have several advantages over traditional workout equipment:

Less Equipment for Excellent Results

Compared to a bench press or weights, the resistance band push-ups require way less equipment for the same strength-training results. The resistance bands leverage your body weight and mass to intensify your push-up and put the right tension on your chest, back, arms, and core.

Inexpensive Equipment Guarantees the Same Result

A resistance band is extremely inexpensive when compared to bench press equipment. Because bands are very affordable, resistance band push-ups become a cost-effective workout no-brainer.

Can Take the Resistance Band Anywhere

Because of its small size and flexibility, you can stuff a resistance band into a bag, purse, suitcase, or backpack for optimal portability. You can take your gym workout anywhere.

Increases Coordination

Resistance band push-ups can increase your coordination as you work against your body weight and the band’s tension to complete push-up sets. The band’s pressure across your back forces you to adjust your core and stay in proper push-up form.

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How to Perform Resistance Band Push-Ups

Before adding resistance band push-ups to your strength-training routine, make sure you can do knee and/or regular push-ups using the proper form. While resistance bands can intensify your push-ups, they can also encourage bad form if you aren’t comfortable doing regular push-ups.

Equipment Needed: a Resistance Band

Targeted Muscle Groups: Chest, Back, Arms, and Core

Proper push-up form

Proper Form for Resistance Band Push-Ups

  1. While holding the handles of the band, wrap the band around your back—just under your armpits. 

  2. To increase the tension in the band, wrap the band around each hand. You may need to wrap the band several times around your hands—this depends on the length of your band or to achieve the desired tension. By tightening the pressure in the band, you’ll increase the intensity placed on your muscles. 

  3. Get into the plank position. Place your hands on the floor slightly wider than your shoulders.

  4. Keep your back, legs, and head in straight alignment.

  5. Clench your abs and glutes for added muscle strengthening.

Performing the Push-Up

  1. Keeping your body straight, lower your arms until they are parallel with the ground and your chest almost touches the floor.

  2. Then push your body up against the resistant band until your arms are almost completely straight again. Don’t forget to keep those glutes up! No sagging glutes.

  3. Repeat the push-up. 

Do as many reps as you can while still keeping good form.

How Many Push-Ups Should I Do?

Dr. Edward Phillips from Harvard-affiliated Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital recommends not focusing on a specific number of push-ups. But instead, he suggests doing as many as you can in good form and then trying to match that amount of push-ups at your next session. 

Then every week, add a few more push-ups to your set to gradually increase your stamina. And make sure you always have rest days between sessions.

Jama Network study found that men who can do 40 push-ups are substantially less likely to have heart problems or a heart attack than men who can do fewer than ten push-ups.

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Doing Resistance Band Push-Ups is one of the best ways Strength Train

Push-ups are a bread-and-butter exercise to tone, strengthen, and build muscles. By adding a resistance band to your push-up reps, you increase the intensity of your workout. Resistance band push-up exercises can tone your body just as effectively as a bench press can, which makes a resistance band essential for strength training.

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