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Wide Grip Pushup: Everything You Need to Know

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

If there is one thing we know here at Push App, it’s which pushups to do when. The wide grip pushup has many benefits and deserves a place in your workout routine. Doing this type of pushup correctly helps engage your core, chest, and arms more than most other types of pushups.

We’d like to give you some clarity about different variations of pushups and get you in the best shape of your life.

Going to the next level has always been our M.O. The wide grip pushup is a fantastic way to get there. Learn how to do it properly, what it works, and how best to incorporate it into your workout here!

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How To Do A Proper Wide-Grip Pushup

There are a few key things to keep in mind with every pushup, but the wide grip pushup can be difficult for beginners because it elongates your chest and arm muscles. The focus should be on your hips, back, neck, arm position, and core.

The first thing to pay attention to is that your starting isometric plank position is level. An isometric pank means that your hips and lower back shouldn’t sag toward the floor and your arms should be straight to start. Once your body is in a standard pushup position, you’ll want to place your hands and arms so they are about a hand length wider than shoulder-width. Ensure that you’re keeping your neck level or slightly forward from this position.

While not allowing your upper back to collapse, lower yourself until you’re only an inch or two from the floor and then push yourself back up.

Allot as many pushups as you can into three sets with 30-second breaks in between each set. Safety is the top priority when exercising, so rep variation is important but not necessary when you’re just starting to exercise again!

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Positives of Wide Grip Pushups

A regular pushup engages the chest, biceps, and triceps. The wide grip pushup helps to focus on biceps and back growth over the other muscles. This focus allows you to tear more muscle fibers and get more out of your at-home workouts.

If you’d like to taper down as you get tired, you can lower your knees or place your hands on an elevated surface. This will build more muscle in your arms and back as well as increase endurance!

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Rep Variation Recommendations

With every type of exercise, there are rep variations that are ideal based on what your end goal is. With running, this rep variation is sprints, interval runs, and long runs. With weight lifting, it is high weight low reps, middle weight with average reps, low weight with high reps, or max out exercises, which are a blend of each.

Pushup rep variations have similar comparisons to weight lifting because the “weights” in this case are your body. Starting with low weight and higher reps is the safest option and it will encourage endurance and toning.

Middle weight and average reps will generally help maintain progress with some muscle building. Low reps and heavy weight can be achieved by doing an unmodified version of the wide grip pushup with weights on your back, in between your shoulder blades.

The low reps with heavy weight will typically bulk up your muscle and add more because your body thinks it needs to handle heavier loads.

All of these rep variations have different scientific studies on them and you’ll find a lot of opinions on what is best. What we can recommend is to try out each and see which one works best for your physique. Everyone is unique when it comes to weight loss, weight gain, and comfort level.

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Does Hand Rotation Matter?

You always want to have your hands facing parallel to your body with the wide grip pushup. If your hands rotate at the wrist out too far, you can cause hyperextension and have less impact with your pushups.

This means the short answer is yes. Please keep your hands in a normal position when doing wide grip pushups.

Dispelling Rumors That Wide Grip Pushups Aren’t Good

Many sources will claim that only a couple of pushup types are healthy for you because others will damage muscle or cause injury. Thankfully the wide grip pushup, if done correctly, is extremely good for you!

The reason that many people have issues after doing wide grip pushups is because they’re doing them with too much weight. This means that, if you experience shoulder or back pain, you need to reduce the amount of body weight you’re using.

You can reduce the amount of body weight by using the tips in the positives of wide grip pushups section. If those do not reduce pain, you’ll want to visit a doctor or chiropractor to determine if there are alignment issues causing pain when exercising.

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Don’t Let Anything Stop You!

Pushapp was made to ensure that people who feel like they don’t have time can still get in shape and stay in shape! Micro workouts incorporating the wide grip pushup will help you focus on the muscles you care about most.

Doing specialized exercises will promote focused muscle growth and retention so that you can spend less time to keep in shape. Make sure you download our app and check out our other blogs for more help! Pushapp is here for your health.